When You Leave a Place


This is one of my favourite quotes because it is so true!

As a person that has travelled and lived in different places a lot, you might agree with me.

It is something that is hard to explain because it is a strong feeling inside. It is difficult to put into words.

It is always you, but each place you are it is kind of a different you. Even though it is the same you.

I find myself at times to be suddenly thrown back to a certain place where I have been and for a fraction of a second I find myself back there and I feel like I did when I was there.

I can even smell the same air and I get goosebumps and a sense of free-falling in my stomach. Only for a fraction of a second but it is an amazing feeling. A mixed feeling of happiness and strong nostalgia, for those beautiful moments that I will cherish forever. Nostalgia for that piece of myself I left behind and I will never get back.

Hi! I am Carlotta, a nomad at heart, passionate traveller and photographer and a social media manager.
While sharing travel experiences and tips, I also help business owners and entrepreneurs to connect with their audience on Social Media.
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