6 Tips to Stay Warm During Winter – And Keep your Sanity

The weather has turned very cold and I have had to find ways to stay warm.

I arrived back in New Zealand three weeks ago after spending six amazing weeks on holiday.

A Much Needed Italian Break

I was four weeks in Italy visiting family and friends after three years of absence from my motherland. Those weeks were amazing but they went incredibly fast. I loved spending time with my two sisters and ever-growing nephews and nieces and catching up with my aunties. I finally met my latest little two-year-old nephew that I had not met before and I absolutely fell in love with him.

The weather was amazing. I experienced four weeks of incredibly hot summer with temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius. It was paradise.

I was also able to fit in a 24 hour trip to Florence and catch up with one of my greatest friends that I had not seen in two years.

Italy was a much-needed break. I find that it is always good to go back to my own roots for a while. Deep down I am, after all, truly Italian.

A Little Stop in Thailand

On my way back to New Zealand I stopped in Thailand for almost 2 weeks. The weather changed from hot to scorching hot! I planned the stop so that I could catch up with another great friend of mine that lives in Petchaburi and I had not seen in three years!

I spent a week with her and then headed off to Koh Chang for a few days of relax and beach time before coming back to Auckland.

Koh Chang was almost deserted. I was told that June is the quietest month. It was great! I stayed at a really quaint little resort Saffron on the Sea on Khai Mook Beach, a few kilometres past White Sands.

Back in New Zealand

Arriving back in New Zealand I found a full on winter! Especially in the last couple of days, we had temperatures down to 4-6 degrees Celsius during the day and probably close to 0 in the night.

This is my first winter in a long time and I am not too happy about it. There are reasons why I want to live my life in the tropics. I do not like winters! However, I am finding my ways to cope with winter and cold temperatures. Well at least in Auckland we never get below 0!

6 Simple Tips to Fight the Cold and Stay Warm During Winter

1) Invest in some quality woolly clothes!

Nowadays it is quite difficult to find clothes 100% wool. Spend time looking for them, they will make the difference and will keep you warm and cosy. I basically had to buy a whole winter wardrobe and I spent time looking for jerseys and top that were only 100% wool. I ended up with some great stuff including a couple of pure Merino wool jerseys. Look into second-hand stores as well. That’s where I found my woolly items and I’m loving them!

2) Go running!

Yes, it sounds strange but running puts you in a more positive state of mind plus it keeps you warm while you are doing it. I am running more than I used to thanks to some running training I did with my younger sister while in Italy. This morning I run for almost 9 km in about an hour. You also perform better at running when the temperature is cooler. Definitely one of the best ways to stay warm during winter.

3) Go hiking!

There you go, another outdoor activity. It will keep you stay warm during winter and it will activate your endorphins making you feel happier and less cold. Last Sunday Dom and I went for a beautiful hike along the Tiritiri Walk in the Shakespear Regional Park. It was awesome! We had warm clothes, a rain jacket and great hiking shoes so that even the rain did not really bother us.

4) Buy a hottie (hot water bottle)!

Yes, it sounds a bit what your granny might say but they actually work wonders and they will help you stay warm during winter nights. Put one or two in your bed 5-10 minutes before getting into it and you will be amazed by the difference it makes. Your bed will be much cosier and your feet will warm up in no time.

5) Buy fleece bed sheets!

I know you are going to use a hottie but if you invest in a pair or two of fleece bed sheets it would be even better. Normal cotton sheets can become very cold and uncomfortable in the winter. With the other option, you will be sure your bed will be much more inviting and warm.

6) Drink lots of hot fluids!

This is the best time of the year to indulge in a rich and creamy hot chocolate or a delicious chai tea or (why not?) even a delicious spicy mulled wine. Catch two birds with a stone! You will feel warm and will treat your senses at the same time. This must be the most indulgent way to stay warm.

Your Thoughts

What are your tips to fights the cold weather and stay warm during winter? Feel free to comment or share and stay tuned for more amazing content coming soon.

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