Essential Oils – A New Found Love in Life

Essential Oils, Edens Garden

I never thought about essential oils as a constant presence in my life, until a few weeks ago.

As some of you might already know, this past year has been a year of interesting changes. The biggest and most challenging change of all was our relocation to New Zealand. It did not start very well. I found it very difficult to adjust to this new life having lived the last 8 years of my life as a nomad hopping between tropical countries.

Having said that, when I started to settle I also started to look at my wellness under a different light. As I am approaching this year my 42nd birthday, I have been feeling the need to look after my body a little better. Not that I was not doing that before, but I wanted to do more.

I started to run approximately 10 km three times a week and I have started to use more natural products to take care of my skin. Bear in mind, here in New Zealand you can easily find creams made out from local plants and flowers.

Discovering Essential Oils

A few weeks ago I came across a very interesting article on the web about the benefits of essential oils. I was very intrigued by it and I read it all. It was very interesting indeed, explaining in details how essential oils can affect your mood, health and immune system. There is basically an essential oil for everything:

Lemon – to uplift sullen mood and inspire positive thinking

Peppermint – to stimulate the mind and enhance mental agility

Lavander – to help heal and inspire tranquillity

Sweet Orange – to uplift your emotions and sweeping away stress

Just to name a few. This whole new world of essential oil really got me intrigued. Some people apparently did not need to use medicines anymore after using essential oils. When we think about it, once upon a time, people only used the power of medicinal plants to cure the body.

I wondered if essential oils could have helped me address my sinusitis and chronic cough. I had to buy some and experience their benefits for myself.



Doing My Research

There is a huge market out there selling essential oils. I started to research, surely I was not going to buy the first ones I came across to. I wanted to be sure to buy pure and certified essential oils.

There is also a price issue. Essential oils can be very expensive (in fairness, you might need a room full of plants to make a little flacon of oil) but you also need to beware of cheap oils as they might not be pure but diluted.

Ater researching for a couple of days – yes you read right, I spent a couple of days researching! – I shortlisted a few brands and checked their websites one by one. When I came across the website for Edens Garden Essential Oils I knew instantly I found the right ones. Or maybe, have they found me?

Edens Garden Essential Oils

At first, my eyes were attracted by the beautiful layout of their website and the cuteness of their bottles. Not to mention their very exotic name! I started to read on the About Us page and I was very impressed by their genuine concern for customers and their goal to offer an affordable product without compromising its quality. Awesome! They value their customers and potential customers.

Reading on through their pages I also learned that all their oils are tested before being bottled. The final thing I looked at was the price. I was expecting them to be quite expensive, but to my surprise, they were very affordable. That’s it I had to have them.

They have so many great products to choose from including some really good value sets. I was spoilt for choice. Such an extensive range of oils and blends, it was hard to choose.

I decided to go for the “3 Blends & 3 Singles Set”.

Essential Oils. Edens garden

How excited when I finally received my package. I tried them right away. I had an essential oil diffuser at home that I never used. This was the right occasion. They all smell fantastic. I have been using them every day and night. My favourite one for the night is the Good Night. I guess it was made for that! It is calming and soothing. During the day I interchange them all and use them constantly. I work from home and I have the diffuser going on all day.

I think they might be helping with my cough issue as well.

Affiliate Programme

I was so satisfied with my choice and so happy with Edens Garden product that I felt like promoting their amazing essential oils to other people as well so I applied to their affiliate programme and they accepted me. As a thank you, they were so kind to send me a welcome gift: “The Aromatherapy Set” and a beautiful ceramic diffuser which I promptly set up in my living room. I absolutely love this set. My favourite one is the Sweet Orange, it really is a mood uplifter!

Essential Oils, Edens Garden

I am very happy with the quality of product Edens Garden delivered. I will surely continue purchasing their essential oils and I will keep recommending them.

Have you used essential oils and what is your experience with them? Feel free to share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

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