Palenque Archaeological Site – A Must Visit

Another must see when exploring Chiapas is definitely the world famous Palenque archaeological site.

I had been to the site before on my previous trip to Mexico in 2002. Finally, I was able to visit again with Dom.

Palenque archaeological site

Set in the middle of the tropical jungle, Palenque archaeological site is one of the main examples of a Mayan city of the classical period.

This ancient city saw the heights of its civilizations between AD 500 and 700. It was discovered in the 18th Century.

I would strongly suggest taking a tour with one of the onsite certified guides unless you have done much reading yourself. as a result, you will be able to understand the site better.

Palenque archaeological site

The Site

It takes approximately 2 hours for a thorough visit. As a suggestion, I would say to visit the site later in the day. It is less busy and you might get a great price for a guided tour.

The site closes at 5 pm, allow enough time. We arrived around 3 pm and the guide offered to take four of us at half the normal price.

me at Palenque

As we did not have much time, Dom and I did a same day return trip to Palenque from San Cristobal which included a stop to the Cascadas de Agua Azul. We enjoyed it but it was a very long and tiring day.

If you have time available, do not rush your trip and spend a couple of days in one of the hostels or guest houses close by Palenque. It is also a great chance to immerse yourself in the jungle and if you are very lucky you could spot (or at least hear) the local Jaguars.

Best Time to Visit Palenque Archaeological Site

You can visit Palenque all year round. In the summer it will be hotter with high levels of humidity. Winter months December to March will be cooler. Palenque is in the middle of the jungle, so mosquitos hang around all year. Bring eco mosquito repellent or long sleeve and long pants light clothing.

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