Cascadas De Agua Azul

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Mexico is a country of a thousand colours.

Finally, with plenty time in my hand, I started to go through the hundreds of pictures taken in Mexico and memories of our time over there started to flow through my mind.

During our short holiday to rural Chiapas, Dom and I tried to fit in as much as we could. We only had a week and unfortunately, on one of those days, I fell sick with a bad stomach – entirely my own fault for eating bad food  🙂

We did not want to miss out on the beautiful Cascadas de Agua Azul and Palenque, so we decided to take a day round tour from San Cristobal to be able to see them both. The tour was a bargain at only approximately 400 pesos per person. It did not include meals but it covered for our return bus trip and the entrance fees to the waterfalls and Palenque (no guide).


The waterfalls were simply amazing and not crowded at all! It was the beginning of February, the low season had started.

There is a nice walk you can do to observe the falls from different angles and plenty opportunity for pictures (and selfies).

The name simply translates to Blue Water Waterfalls. And you can certainly see why that is. The colour is simply blinding. We were lucky to have caught a very sunny day for our trip. Which was also the only day we could go since it was our last day in Chiapas before going back home to Tulum.


The day turned out to be a very long and tiring one. So if you have the time, I would recommend to take your time and maybe do it yourself without a tour.

You can easily get to the waterfall one day, then spend the night in a hostel near Palenque and visit the archaeological site the next day.


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