To All Strong Women

Today, a friend of mine shared the article linked below.

Le donne forti camminano dritte, lungo l’asfalto della vita (Strong Women Walk Straight, Along the Tarmac of Life)

I read it, and then read it again. And again.

It made my eyes teary, cause I recognized myself. And other women very dear and close to me. This is to Us and to all strong women out there.

The article is in Italian, so I translated it below.

Strong Women Walk Straight, Along Life’s Road

They are tough women.

Women that no longer wish to settle for contentment. They have the sun in their eyes, and one too many wrecks in their heart.

And yet, they are never tired of challenging the uncertainties of the sea. They live off dreams mixed up with cement. And it happens sometimes they cannot tell apart the ones from the other. They dance barefoot. A little gipsy, a little wild. Under their Rimmel dressed eyelashes and their ruby red lips, they are forever little girls.

Their mind gives birth to their slow, heart nested eroticism. That then, it winds translating to their body. Their lovemaking is complex.

So, when you take a woman you do not take only one piece. You get married to her absolute and harmonious wholeness. Strong women strip of the soul, they dress it with magnificent nothing, they divide it into parts, very small parts and they put each one in everything they do.

Everything they touch becomes magic. Their life is a steeplechase, without a podium and without medals. They carry failures and defeats with an innate elegance and suffered dignity. Like a dowel of life, that besides the pain, they would never trade. Because they are who they are.
And they do not deny it.

Strong women never stop looking for someone worthy of loving again. Because strong women go back to love once more, one more time, one too many times. Even after swearing to themselves they would never love again. Strong women have no fear. But they are the ones that make it worth it.

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