A Home in Tulum – At Least For Now

It has been almost a year since we made our home in Tulum. Where is time gone?

In the last few days i have being reflecting on the last year… It seems to have passed by in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to Facebook reminding me every other day of my past memories, I find myself exclaiming: “Oh mine!!! Was that a year ago??!!?” (or even two or three!).

Damn Madonna that used to sing “…Time goes by so slowly…”.

I am sorry Madonna, you used to be my idol when I was a teenager, but in that particular song you were wrong!

A Home in Tulum

Last year in May we made the decision to come back to Mexico and to make our home in Tulum for a while. I cannot honestly believe we have been here 9 months! It seems like yesterday we landed in Mexico.

We came to Tulum at the beginning of June 2015 and started to set everything up for our new Mexican adventure. We started work and found an apartment within few days of being here. And then…time started to fly by.

It is said that when you do something you enjoy time goes faster. It has been an interesting challenging year. I am still working my usual scuba diving instructor job, but I have also taken up the role of hotel manager at the beautiful Mango Tulum Hotel.

My job at the moment involves more the daily looking after of the hotel rather than scuba diving. Dom is taking care of the diving as we are getting a larger number of certified divers wanting to dive the Cenotes rather than beginner divers wanting to learn. When we do get courses, I take care of them. I do enjoy teaching!

A Home in Tulum

Tulum is a lovely little town. It took sometime before I really started to appreciate it. Once I got to know it, I started to discover my favourite places (most of them are restaurants since I LOVE food). Tulum comes across like a sleepy town, but even here there are places where it is possible to have a great night out.

The nightlife in Tulum starts late. It is mainly locals that go out and party, so the party bars get busy late at night after every one comes out of work and heads to the local dance floors. Very cool vibes around.

One of the most famous attractions in Tulum is the beach. White sandy beaches and coconut trees all along are in perfect contrast and harmony with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea.

Who knows what will happen in the next months. For now I am enjoying my present home.


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  1. Hope you guys are well Carlotta! I’ll be in Playa in May so I’ll have to come & visit 🙂


    1. Hey Sophie my lovely!
      That’s awesome, we will be here in Tulum I really hope to catch up when you are over here. Hope all is well with you too. Much love xx

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