Sunju Hargun Rocks Paradise Cottage

On January 31st Paradise Cottage Celebrated its 10th anniversary. For the occasion they organized a great dance party. OPEN HOUSE PARTY @ Paradise Cottage.

There were three internationally well known DJs playing live sets to make the crowd dance.

The last set in particular was more than a success. Bangkok DJ Sunju Hargun literally rocked the dance floor with his awesome act. The party-goers all danced together to the beats of his tunes. Sunju with his music was able to create such happy atmosphere and good vibes all around.

The outcome of the night was fantastic! Happy people, happy Paradise Cottage!

Here are some shots taken at the very start of the night… When the party kicked in the camera was forgotten 🙂

Check out Sunju Hargun Facebook page

or listen to some of his great music

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