Italian Love – Turin

When living abroad it is always good to go back to your home country for a visit. You start to discover things that you were giving for granted when you lived there.

You appreciate the beauties that it offers. It is even better if you go back to your own country with your foreigner loved other half that has not been there before. You see your own country with different eyes.

When last year I went back to Italy for a long visit and Dom came with me to meet the family, we also spent sometime sightseeing around. What a great time. Since we spent lots of family time we did not have much time left for visiting many places.

Turin is one of the places we choose to visit. My hometown is only a short train ride from Turin. The trip can be done in one day. Shame on me, this was the first time I properly visited Turin!

Turin is the capital city of the Piedmont region (Piemonte). As many can probably tell by the name, Piedmont is situated at the foot of the mountains. The beautiful Alps in the North west of Italy.

On clear days the sight is beautiful as the mountains with their snowy picks surround the City. Once upon a time it had been the first Capital of Italy.

Turin is a City to enjoy by walking and that is what we did. We walked about the City center. We stopped admiring the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Castello Sforzesco. We then carried on to the Mole Antonelliana.

A long walk along the River Po lead us to the famous Murazzi and then to the stunning Parco del Valentino. This is the largest park in Turin and it is literally a green oasis in the middle of the City.

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