A Hippy in Auckland

Most of the time in New Zealand, so far, has been spent in Auckland. Auckland is an interesting city, busier and bigger than Wellington, it is also home to the tallest building in the South Hemisphere, the Sky Tower.

Auckland is the largest and most populous city in New Zealand.

The geological aspect of the city is also very interesting and unique, in fact Auckland is built on a volcanic field.

There are 50 volcanoes within an area of approx 1,000 square kilometres, forming the hills, lakes and basins of the city. Rangitoto Island, just across Auckland city, was formed by the most recent eruption 600 years ago!

Underlying Auckland there is a pool of magma that occasionally finds its way up to the surface through different routes and erupting in a different place each time.

Each volcano that can be seen on today’s Auckland’s landscape is dormant while the underlying magma is still active meaning that it may be coming through at a new place and form a new cone at any time. Quite impressive!

The whole of New Zealand is such a recent geological formation that the plate is still in continuous adjustment.

People that know me well, know that I am not a big city girl anymore (or maybe I have never been?) but I have tried to adjust to life in the city.

The good thing about Auckland is that it is surrounded by native bushes and plants and it is right on the sea so it does not feel claustrophobic like normally a big city would do. The city is quite easy going and it is common to walk around wearing jandals (big bonus for me!) or like some people do even bear foot!

Since I love taking photos of nature and underwater photos, at first I did not take many photos. Then I started to look at the city under different eyes and discovered that even in a city one can find interesting subjects to portray and create a story.

Now I cannot stop taking photos. Every time I go out I find interest in anything I look at. Unfortunately I do not always have my camera with me but at least my iPhone can take reasonably good pictures.

So, this is Auckland!

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  1. Great photos of Auckland. Especially love the Sky Tower and meat pie shots!

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