Around Wellington

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and it is situated at the southwestern tip of the North Island. It is also the Country’s political centre housing the Parliament and all the Government head offices.

It is a very laid back and pleasant city. We spent a few days here before heading off to the South Island for the Christmas Holidays.  Wellington has a reputation for its picturesque natural harbour and green hillsides adorned with colonial villas.

Wellington Harbour lies along an active geological fault, which is clearly evident on its straight western shore. The land to the west of this rises abruptly, meaning that many of Wellington’s suburbs sit high above the centre of the city. We walked around a lot and did some sightseeing driving along the scenic road along the coast.

There is a network of bush walks and reserves around the city which makes it a pleasure to walk around. Wellington is New Zealand’s windy city, it is windy all year round with high rain fall. Besides the wind I found it a beautiful city.

We also went to check out the wind farm on the hills above Wellington and enjoyed stunning views of the city. What place could have suited better for a wind farm project?

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