I would not call myself a painter, but I do enjoy playing around with brushes and colours.

I find it a way to express my inner thoughts. During the course of few years I dedicated myself at playing around with oil colours and created a few paintings.

Splashes of colours with images and shapes that were related to my life and experiences at the time. Most of the time I have no idea of the subject I want to paint. I normally stare at a blank canvas or board or whatever I use for painting for sometime and when I feel the inspiration is right I start painting and something comes out.

I have not painted in a while but I am considering getting back on it. It’s another form of relaxation and a way to let my mind wonder.

Here are some of the works I made. Maybe I am not a painter but a life artist.



Hi! I am Carlotta, a nomad at heart, passionate traveller and photographer and a social media manager.
While sharing travel experiences and tips, I also help business owners and entrepreneurs to connect with their audience on Social Media.
If you fancy a chat, want to share your experiences or would like to discuss the possibility to hand over your social media to me, please feel free to contact me through the contact form.


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