Bali is quite an incredible place! It looks almost straight out of a fairy tale or something along those lines. This is the first impression I had, coming from a long time spent in Pulau Weh and Sumatra. After finishing work at Rubiah Tirta Divers, Dom and I decided to explore a different part of […]

Diving in Pulau Weh

“From Birth, Man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to the earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free” Jacques-Yves Cousteau Diving itself is a wonderful, magical activity. I simply love it. Get me started on it and I can go on talking about […]

Life in Pulau Weh

Home is….where I park my backpack! Living the life of a traveling scuba diving instructor requires a high level of adaptability, flexibility and an open mind. Comforts are not always available and most of the time hot water is considered a luxury (that is of course if there is any hot water anyway). Not to […]


Indonesia is by far my favourite country in south-east Asia. It is simply amazing! First of all it is huge! There are over 17,000 islands forming the Indonesian archipelago, 34 provinces and over 238 million people. Across its many islands there are hundreds of distinct native ethnic and linguistic groups and a variety of religions […]