I Fell in Love in Komodo

Last year Dom and I had the opportunity to work in Komodo National Park. It is a stunning place, the best place I worked so far. THE NATIONAL PARK The 29 mostly uninhabited volcanic islands of the National Park present a very dramatic landscape. It is a pleasure for the eyes to look at. The […]


Lembeh is a small Island in the North Sulawesi province of Indonesia. The best way to get there is to fly to Manado and then reach the Island. I heard so much about diving in Lembeh from different sources and I was craving for diving there. I love small critters and taking photos. Apparently Lembeh is […]


When Dom left, of course it was not the same! However, there was still a couple of places I wanted to visit before leaving in Indonesia so I ventured alone on the last leg of my trip. This last part of the journey was mainly for diving. I could not leave Indonesia without diving the […]