The Magic Of Sihanoukville

Ancient ruins, lush jungle, white beaches. Welcome to Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonders! Tourism in Cambodia is picking up at a very fast pace. More and more tourists come every year to discover the beauties of a relatively unexplored and less developed Country. Infrastructures are still quite basic compared to its neighbouring Countries Thailand, Laos and […]

I Fell in Love in Komodo

Last year Dom and I had the opportunity to work in Komodo National Park. It is a stunning place, the best place I worked so far. THE NATIONAL PARK The 29 mostly uninhabited volcanic islands of the National Park present a very dramatic landscape. It is a pleasure for the eyes to look at. The […]

Koh Mak: Pure Bliss 

Thailand is a beautiful country but unfortunately most of its tropical beaches and islands have been over saturated with tourists and tourists facilities. Almost everywhere, there are now many resorts, tons of restaurants and bar and lots of party places. A couple weeks ago, I found a place I did not think would still exist […]