Coromandel Peninsula

The Coromandel Peninsula lies on New Zealand’s North Island. The Peninsula is steep and hilly and it is covered in temperate rainforest.

It is another amazing beautiful spot of New Zealand and it is where Dom and I spent our four days Easter weekend together with some of our friends from the Big House.


Six of us left Auckland on Thursday evening after the rush hour. After about three hours driving we reached Whitianga our destination town where we were hosted by a couple of friends that used to live in the Big House.

They now live in a cute bungalow with a big enough garden for us to pitch our tents and camp for the whole weekend. Two more friends joined the group on Sunday afternoon.

We had a great time, we spent every day at a different spot of the Peninsula enjoying the local beaches and lovely scenery.

Among the places we spent time at Hot Water Beach where during low tides we shoveled a hole in the sand and enjoyed a personal hot water thermal pool.

The weather was quite rainy which created the perfect environment to lie in the hot pool. Cathedral Cove was another beautiful spot.

It is named after the cave located there and it is accessible by a 30 minutes walking track through the rainforest. Turquoise waters welcome the visitors and make it perfect for a refreshing swim after the walk.


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