The Big House

All the time Dom and I have been in Auckland we have been living at The Big House in Parnell, Auckland’s oldest suburb since it dates from the earliest days of the European settlement of Auckland in 1841.

Located at 42 St Georges Bay Road, off Parnell Road, The Big House was a Catholic boarding school for girls in early 1900. Even the Maori Princess Te Puea Herangi attended this school.

The building was then sold and refurbished to become a rental property with twenty one rooms!

Since the 1970s The Big House has been a house-share for students, artists, musicians, kiwis and foreigners alike happy to share their talents and backgrounds and live in a mixed interesting community.

It was strange at the start due to loads of different reasons. Culture shock coming from living in South East Asia probably most of all but also the fact of being back to share with other people after ten years of living independently, having to adjust to “rules” and habits and The Big House is a unique place to live, different from all the other house-shares I had lived in.

I am very adaptable so I got used to it. It is definitely an experience, a different experience.

There is a mix of great people here at the moment, each one of them has something special and unique to bring to this community.

I am stoked to live in the most notorious, largest flat in Auckland and probably New Zealand.

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